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Welcome to my Photo Album.
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touring in Jonkoping - photographer Debbie being funny when the picture was supposed to be of Rae. Shows the beautiful area and the beautiful weather!
who can resist this face...and ears. This is a gorgeous Pumi!
Memories from Sweden 2010, where the breeders teams are amazing! This Saluki team is one of the best! Plus a lucky shot for this pic!
Day at the Beach. Giselle, Orlando, Hiro and Bundy...with Surfers Paradise in the background.
Elise and Patrick showing us their favorite spot!
Hiro and Bundy.
Its all fun and games in the beginning.
Whoooaaaa - nobody was expecting a wave quite that big....
I think we will just stay back here where it is safe!
no, we really dont want to go in.
What...digging? Me? No.....hmmm Giselle - sprung!
Hmmm...where are we exactly? Lost in Skansen, "outdoor Museum" in Stockholm.
Odd room mates...gotta feel sorry for the fox.
Amanda and Ash up close and personal with this bear!
Finally we found Swedens National icon - the Elk. They stand over 2m tall.
Another Swedish icon - the Traditional Horse. With Amanda...
...with Ashley
...with Rae
...and with Debbie
Gamla Stan is full of little people!
Typical tourists - Windsor Castle
View of Windsor castle from our river cruise on the Thames.
Our view of Singapore from the hotel room - 27th floor!
Relaxing in Singapore
Things you dont see everyday...a white Mudi at the World Dog Show...quite spitzy!
checkout the size of these dogs...South Russian Shepherd dogs. Just gorgeous!
A trio of Otterhounds at Windsor Show
Ashley with Hugo the Otterhound at Windsor Show
Swedish Lapphund - we bumped into this gorgeous one in Gamla Stan, Stockholm - and she had also featured in the ceremonies at the World Show.


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