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Welcome to my photo page.
Here is a collection of photos from the Daesdaemar album that we hope you enjoy.

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

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Woo Hoo!!! Bundy celebrating his Best in Show win!! Great moment captured by Edwina of Border Pix N Art!
hmmmmmm...more clones. This is Edward and his "uncle" Dallas!
This would be 4 very naughty puppies enjoying the aftermath of days of rain!
Dallas was by far the worst culprit!!! No wonder he is so hard to get white!
now Jacob didn't get tooooo dirty, but he was going to make sure he kept all of the toys!
Hiro in the Best Male lineup in Jonkoping, Sweden. This placement gave him his Swedish title and this is a very happy Kirsi!!!
Hiro pictured in Sweden, June 2010.
With 2 of my boys - Hiro and Orlando, January 2009
Hiro and Orlando
Venla doing so well in Finland!
Olly winning Best in Show in America! Big congratulations Katrina!
Bundy snapped in the ring at the Christmas show - he is looking wonderful, now aged 22 months.
"...no, this is definately my leaf..."

who is the baby here? Look at Bundy "come on, play with me..."
Venla and Polo having a good game.
Venla, after wandering through the agility tunnel all by herself!
Crystal showing off her post- desexing coat (and new figure!).
Bundy aged 18 months, August 2009.
Patrick, Emmi and Paris enjoying a weekend away, July 2009.
Mary - New Danish Champion Daesdaemar Latest Edition, pictured winning one of her CCs with owner Jeanette.
Tahlia in May 2009 - Aust Grand Champion Daesdaemar Lovesong.
Rascal - Ch Snowillo Prince Travic, owned and bred by Carolyn Williams. Rascal is a Tahlia son.
Elise and Patrick winning a Runner Up Best in Group.
Patrick and Elise again enjoying their local beach - on the Gold Coast, Qld!
Patrick - Ch Daesdaemar The Legacy, looking up to his dad, Bear - Ch Daesdaemar Brother Bear.
Dogs News Australia January ad for Daesdaemar - celebrating our great successes in 2008.
Daesdaemar ad in the December issue of Dogs News Australia.
Daesdaemar ad in November Dogs News Australia newspaper.
Looks can be decieving...this is really a devil in disguise! Giselle.
Giselle pictured after winning one of many Minor in group awards - she even picked up a Minor in Show award as well.
Takoda, nearly a clone of his dad, Orlando.
A bit of circus training while in Melbourne for the Royal Show.
Uncle Orlando spoiling Bundy's fun.
Here is Bundy pictured in the lineup for Best Puppy in Group at the Melbourne Royal show, 2008. He was one of the 4 finalists in this group.
Orlando relaxing in Melbourne at Royal time.
More relaxing - this time at Kyneton Show, Victoria. We are supposed to be getting ready for Best in Show judging!
Takoda after winning a great Best of Breed in the shortlist for Best in Group - well done Alison.
New Norwegian Champion - Bronte.
Giselle - like a clone of her mum Bronte!
Patrick in his car harness after Brisbane Royal - ready to go home!
Unleashing the wild wolf inside - Orlando!
JS Club Show Sweden - Open Bitch class with 28 entries. Bronte and myself are highlighted.
2nd half of the 28 Open bitches. Look at the weather - yes it was freezing!
Spitz Breeds show in beautiful Sweden. Bronte in Open bitch class
Bronte, short on coat as her babies were only 4 mths old, at her first show overseas.
Very brave judge awards Bronte 1st out of 14 and then Res CAC. As you can see Bronte has no coat but you can see how well she is put together.
Bronte and Amanda at the World Show in Stockholm
Olly, now an International Champion in the USA. Big Congratulations Katrina!
Did everyone go this way...? Easter Show 2008
Or this way...?
"Oh please...take it somewhere else" says Patrick
Will they ever be clean again? Evie and Hiro.
Yes, Hiro and Evie sparkling once more!
Orlando - Best of Breed Hobart Royal 2007
Clones? Orlando's daughter Paris, showing strong family resemblance! R/up Best of Breed at Hobart.
Not very lady-like, Tahlia!
Orlando pictured with other Group finalists - eventual winner was the Standard Poodle - we were in very good company!
Striding out in the Melbourne Royal Group finals.
Melbourne Royal 2007 - Orlando Best of Breed and Bronte Runner Up.
Winners are Grinners!
Orlando looks good from any angle!
Orlando son, Mannerking Orlando (exp USA) looking fantastic!
Hiro, Faith, Orlando...and Evie is in there somewhere...
Evie 5 months old.
Mary - striding towards Best Puppy in Show at her first show in Denmark.
All 11 babies from my 2007 litters - exhausted after a play in the morning.
Patrick and Dr Harry!!
Orlando at Wollongong Show with a wonderful backdrop!
Champion Daesdaemar Summer Wine - Priscilla, owned by Debbie King of Mannerking Kennels.
Father and son, Orlando and Takoda
Orlando striking a pose.
From the very fat to the very small.
Bronte and Bear
Another future star - this is Daesdaemar Lovesong. Tahlia debuts with Best Baby in Show!
Olly - Mannerking Orlando, exported to Kiraleea Kennels, USA. Very exciting son of Gr Ch Daesdaemar Lovers Lane
Best Baby in Show on debut - Orlando!!
Look at those eyes!! Grand Champion Daesdaemar Lovers Lane - Orlando aged only 13 months.
Bronte striking a pose, just like brother, Orlando!
Finalists in the 2005 Breeders Group Sweepstakes!!
Motherly Love
Faith - Grand Ch Mannerking Special Editn
Another beautiful baby - Kobi's daughter Faith
Crystal - mother of Orlando, Bronte, Kip and now Hiro.
My son Brad with Crystal, Ch Mannerking Memory Lane
Storm winning Best Puppy in Group at the Winter Classic International 2001.
Storm - co owned with Sue Wilson
Maddie - Ch Daesdaemar Moonlighting. Co-owned with Jill Wearing
Maddie age 3 months
Blake - Ch Daesdaemar Moonshine - 1st homebred champion.
You must have been a beautiful baby!! Kobi
Kobi after winning Best of Breed Perth Royal 2000, aged just over 12 mths.
Kobi again in 2000 on our trip to Perth.
Kobi - Grand Champion Syide Shirio Tais Ho. Winning his 1st Best in Show.
Cherry - Ch Coleisha Kosetsu Keiko. The beginning of Daesdaemar
Ch Sheldunoc Fame N Fortune - Snowy - pictured in a Veteran Class aged 10+ years, with owner Eric Emme of Emmebear JS.
Sheldunoc dogs that now feature in Daesdaemar pedigrees - Ch Sheldunoc Fame N Fortune.
Sheldunoc dogs that now feature in Daesdaemar pedigrees - Ch Sheldunoc White Lace.
Ch Sheldunoc Rags To Riches is one of the inspirations for Daesdaemar Japanese Spitz. Pictured with Amanda in 1989! From first litter of Sheldunoc Japanese Spitz.


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