Daesdaemar Japanese Spitz 

Puppy Pictures

Here are some pictures of Daesdaemar puppies, both at home and those in their family homes.

Hayley - Daesdaemar Dream Girl. Wonderful Orlando daughter, co-bred with Debbie King of Mannerking Knls and owned by Debbie. Jacksons sister.
Hayley and Jackson at play on Debbies farm. Both lovely puppies.
Lyrics babies
Prince and Yuki at 7 weeks of age.
Sera at 4 months.
Sera - Daesdaemar Serendipity at 4 months of age showing off her great structure and outline!
Takoda and Kira babies at 8 weeks - Sera on the left.
Rosie at 3 months. Bred by Debbie King and currently residing with Brenda and Wayne Neilsen in Tasmania.
Mannerking Wine and Roses - Rosie. Bundy and Priscilla daughter at 8 weeks.
Dallas looking very regal! 10 weeks.
Too hot for the water baby "Dallas"!
sooooo sweet - Jacob 3.5 months
Giselle babies at 7 weeks of age
Jacob at his debut show - November 2009
Evies babies looking so fresh after their bath.
Jacob really starting to stand out from the crowd - pictured here at 7 weeks.
Faith and Orlando babies - yes like peas in a pod - both little piglets as well - they love their tucker!
"hmmm...yes I do think we look alike"
3 hopefuls! Jacob, Teddy and Lyric
Polar bears? No, Faiths 2 boys at 2.5 weeks of age. Life is good.
Giselles babies are simply too cute for words!
gorgeous Jacob and his pretty sister Alice aged 10.5 weeks.
new babies - Giselle's at 1 day old.
One of Evies baby boys at 5.5 weeks of age.
Evies babies at 5.5 weeks of age - riding in the side car!
Venla - who has now headed off to her new home in Finland! Best of luck!
Venla - Mannerking Witches Stardust, before she heads off to Finland!
Venla debuts with 2 Best Baby in Group wins!
Very clever girls! What a pretty ribbon. Well done to Elise and Emmi.
Gorgeous Emmi!She is an Orlando daughter, pictured at 3.5 months of age. First homebred puppy of Elise and Adam - Yuki Hana on the Gold Coast
Nelly now aged 8 mths - Orlando daughter in Norway at Freddygardens.
One of Orlandos frozen semen babies, bred by Freddygardens JS in Norway. This is Max - Freddygardens Make Me Proud owned by Eva-Lill Bratlie, aged 7 months.
Max showing great talent for agility already!
Max aged 9 months - Norway.
Hiro relaxing in the car.
Some early agility training?
8 week old Lexie.
and 8 week old Giselle.
Armoured bear, Iorek Byrnison? No, just Bundy doing a good impression.
The very beautiful Star.
Beautiful Star, just before she goes to her new home.
Brothers Elverton and Fletcher can get up to quite a bit of mischief!
Rosie and friend
Rosie and friend, clearly close friends
Very pretty Remi aged approx 6 weeks.
Remi, enjoying her short life. She died tragically at 9 months of age.
Buddy, also sadly no longer with us.


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